Comments: Cites & Insights - special "Broadcast Flag" edition

OK, this is getting strange:

I did the special issue because I thought the flag was being ignored, and because there was no way I could do a regular issue.

I figured it would go largely ignored.

But it's being mentioned in weblogs that uniformly ignore my stuff...

(I won't have any idea of readership for a while, for a couple of reasons...)

For me, the lesson is probably that I shouldn't assume that something I find worth discussing won't matter to other people...a dangerous lesson!

I don't disagree with your take on P.41. That's why I raised it as a question rather than as an assertion that the FCC was out of bounds.

This will all be interesting to watch, particularly since it really is Step 2 in the multistep process to shut down general-purpose personal computing (by effect, if not necessarily by intent), where Step 1 was DMCA and Step 3 is the "closing the analog hole" set of initiatives. Step 3 should be ludicrous--but "anything not explicitly permitted is forbidden" is, unfortunately, a real-world working principle.

Posted by Walt Crawford at March 29, 2004 02:00 PM