Comments: Cites & Insights - February 2004

You're welcome.

After reading your post yesterday, I was thinking that my followup may still be too weak. I may yet do a followup with some of the "other people's statements" that you included in that post.

Amazing amount of writing? I guess I'm delighted, unless you mean logorrhea: I thought this was a slightly "lean" issue in some ways, since it doesn't include any of the usual topical essays. On the other hand, it is stronger on perspectives than some...and, to my delight, the "way we're wired" perspective has morphed into a "disContent" column, which I get paid for. (Very different focus, but using the Joi Ito as quoted by Jenny Levine as quoted by Walt Crawford comment as a springboard for a discussion of context and content.)

Posted by Walt Crawford at January 27, 2004 11:39 AM