Comments: David Burt (N2H2/SmartFilter) Is A Sore Loser

Do you have any more evidence to share? The fact that Burt once misdescribed the content of an article hardly seems to lead to the judgement that he would anonymously insult you on public message boards.

Posted by Aaron Swartz at November 17, 2003 06:44 PM

You're not a plant, right? :-)

You really did ask me to give you evidence that David Burt would anonymously insult people? Heck, during his days running "Filtering Facts", he'd have no problem sending out an insulting press release

Here's some evidence for your amusement (note not just the willingness, but the style used):

But then based on the things you guys have said you both consider a
child viewing the moral equivalent of an adult getting spam.

Gee Mike, if you hadn't killfiled me, you know what my response was to
that. It strikes me as contradictory to sniff that you're not going
to respond to someone, then do so repeatedly. You just don't have the
guts to go one on one with me, big fat coward.

Altogether now, "Mikey is a chickenshit, Mikey is a chickenshit!"

Here, here. Never have I seen on the net a more gratuitous display of
ego and pettiness. And, like Seth, it astounds me that not only is
the fatboy not shunned by his peers, he actually has admirers. Kinda
reminds me of the college sophomore with low self-esteem who turn
herself into a doormat for the local coffeehouse guru.

I'll bet Judith "If you don't like bestiality don't look at it" Krug is
heading for the Maalox cabinet about now.

True. I know I will never forget Michael Sims' claim that site such
as " Analopolis- Anal Sex Chat", and "The Doghouse - Dogslaves and
their Owner/Trainers" were wrongly blocked for school children in
Utah. (I suppose Michael's reasoning was, "How else are kids supposed
to learn about dogsex"?)

"In conclusion, hard-core free speech absolutist and 60's refugee Chuck
Levendosky is suffering from a serious case of cognitive dissonance."

I wasn't launching an "ad hominem" attack, I was merely trying to
understand the world view and values of a man who thinks that a
pedophile drooling over photos of a child being raped in a public
place is the moral equivalent of a someone else sitting quietly
reading "Ulysses."

Posted by Seth Finkelstein at November 17, 2003 10:05 PM