Comments: Blogiversary

Hi Seth

I don’t think we have ever directly communicated. I have been reading your posts and articles for years and your blog for the last several months. It is as much part of my info search daily ritual as anything else. Your work has been a “vital” qualitative source on the Internet filtering issues of which you are not only a pioneer but also one of the strongest voices “out there”. I for one have appreciated it. You appear to be very “brought down” about the quantitative aspect of your work. I hope you get over that. I hope you do not quit. It may be a “celebrity culture” but you don’t have to go there. It’s also a Jerry Springer culture and I’m certain you wouldn’t go there.

In my own personal experience as an educator in Early Childhood Education I performed my finest work and believe me the pay was lousy, recognition nonexistent and in the education totem pole Early Childhood Education is somewhere around the bottom or the basement. Yet, it was as important an achievement if not the most important of my life.

The point is that it is not the numbers that matter but the quality of the numbers what has been achieved. It is my opinion that you have reached a lot of the “right people” and that is the point.

I personally disagree with much of your stance, your premises, and your attitudes but that is allowed. Others may agree with you. The important thing is you are there crystallizing the issues. I appreciate that. By all means take a beat, re-evaluate but please do NOT quit.

Best Regards

Bob Turner

Posted by Bob Turner at September 14, 2003 05:12 PM