Comments: "Aimee Deep"

Seth, Thanks for your observations. I'll try to learn from them. A few comments, if I may:

Deep down, Iím frightened. My family is involved in litigation with the biggest companies in the world, nearly broke, not even having an attorney.

Still, Iím trying to bring a message of digital rights to a broader audience of voters, contributors and citizens. How many people in the country or the world really know or care deeply about digital rights? Would it help if more did?

On a different note: One former employee is under a restraining order, accused of harming the company. How would you treat this employee, in fairness to other employees who worked to build the company? Would you prosecute him? Would you name him, when prospective employers do background checks on the Web?

And finally, Iíve only just turned 18, but Iíve been working for digital rights for nearly three years, and hope to keep working. You're an EFF honoree whose work I've admired for sometime. Any advice for me?

Posted by Aimee Deep at June 11, 2003 10:21 PM