Comments: New Yorker "The Tragedy of Aaron Swartz" - case strategy info comment

I don't think Aaron needed a PR firm. If he had asked five or 10 friends with large online followings to talk about the case, it would have spread around the net quickly.

I didn't realize until after he died that his friends were staying silent because he -- and probably others in his circle -- wanted it that way.

I still wish I had blogged about it myself, as I'd planned to do last year.

Posted by Rogers Cadenhead at March 4, 2013 07:04 PM

Rogers, if he asks his A-lister friends, I'd say that he's effectively acting as his own PR firm. That is, he himself has the social capital that most people would need to hire a PR firm to get. Sort of like a lawyer representing him/her self where most people would need to hire a lawyer. But there's still no meaningful "public outrage" without those A-listers.

I know it's a point I've made often in general. But the inverse example of it here is interesting. As well as it being fairly clearly stated by the people involved.

Note I suspect "others" is a press background way of saying "his lawyers".

Posted by Seth Finkelstein at March 4, 2013 07:35 PM