Comments: My _Guardian_ column on Wikipedia, Sex, Scandal, and problematic material

The P2Pfoundation blog is quite thorought in documenting the wikipedia governance failures. You might find these articles interesting: Is something fundamentally wrong with Wikipedia governance processes? , Update on the Bagley Wikipedia controversy, Is it time to go beyond Wikipedia?, Banning the Wikipedia bans as a governance tool.

Posted by Zbigniew Lukasiak at December 19, 2008 09:17 AM

For those of us who have been involved with the internet (before google) and even after have seen this awesome potential wiki has for leading the direction it has chosen. I agree with the "anyone can edit" point you make in the article. Very professionally addressed and articulated.

"the structural problems of accountability and responsibility, which are intrinsically poor in Wikipedia." - very well put!

Posted by Amber at December 24, 2008 10:22 AM