Comments: I endorse Barack Obama

I guess at age 57 I might qualify as one of your "older" readers, but please don't assume that I'm a conservative. (Bite your tongue you young whipper snapper. :-) It's a mistake to equate age with outlook. I know some young people who consider themselves good conservatives. One of my daughter's boyfriends, now a Marine on his way to Iraq, says that I'm the most liberal person he knows.

I was happy to vote for Obama today. When he's elected, as it seems he will be, it will be time to start moving him toward more progressive domestic policies and an informed science and technology policy. His foreign policy seem to be a little aggressive, but not too far off track. I hope my congressman, Rush Holt, and my senators, Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez, join with other progressives in congress to guide President Obama in the correct direction.


Posted by Fred at November 4, 2008 08:22 PM

I'm fairly conservative on some measures, and I typically vote for Republicans for the free markets thing, but I happily voted for Obama myself.

McCain is entertaining, but his choice of running mate lost my vote.

Posted by Richard Bennett at November 4, 2008 09:54 PM

Fred: I didn't mean to imply all older readers are conservative, but that I'm not just preaching to the choir in terms of readership demographic.

Richard: Similarly, some conservatives didn't favor McCain, e.g. Chris Buckley.

Posted by Seth Finkelstein at November 10, 2008 08:53 AM