Comments: Chasing The Wikia Layoffs Story (30%? 10%? Legalism?)

Seth, blogs are kind of like opinions... or is that not how the analogy goes? At any rate, don't pretend that Jimmy is evading you because you asked in the "wrong place." The "right place" to ask him is in a strip club over drinks where it can't and won't be on the record.

The simple answer here is that the advertising industry is going to get murdered by this economic, uh, thingie that's happening. There will be /huge/ layoffs in organizations that require advertising dollars to keep running (I'm not even sure GOOG, YHOO, and MSFT are safe from this), and Wikia is one of the least-financed, most-poorly-conceived, and least-legally-innocent advertising-revenue-desperate ventures out there. Just wait until the IRS gets hold of the notion that he's using a non-profit to shield development costs for a for-profit company. Demagogues "work both ways," too.

Jimmy, if he has enough sense to admit maybe right now ain't the time for Wikia, may go back to selling porn on Bomis or some other venture. It worked for Andrew Edmund when he realized the lycaeum was not going to (ever) be profitable.

It's kind of too bad for Jimmy that there are already peer-reviewed, social-network-style porn sites out there. He might have had a chance there if he'd just, you know, stooped low enough.

Posted by Alex J. Avriette at October 22, 2008 10:51 PM

Wow, somebody other than me bringing up the infamous "wait until the IRS figures it out" meme. I'm sure that David Gerard and Nihiltres will be along soon to persuade us all of the very good and thoughtful intentions that Jimmy has, so we should just drop this line of questioning and come help with "the project".

Posted by Gregory Kohs at October 23, 2008 12:07 PM

All is vanity, Seth, and the little people are going to get stomped however you look at it.

Nice blog, though. Although we fought a battle last year over whether Kathy Sierra's harassment was alleged, it seems like you understand that Wikipedia is a cult with what C. S. Lewis called the curse of Babel on its head.

[No, I'm not a Christian. I just like Lewis' grownup stuff.]

Look up my video on "Wikipedia's Racist Bullying" at YouTube if you like.

Keep up the good work.

Posted by Edward G. Nilges at October 26, 2008 12:04 PM

BTW, I don't use the word "troll": I don't use its gerund "trolling".

I first saw the word in Santa Cruz in 1986. It was on a T shirt with a slashdot through a cartoon tramp, and it was made by a "grassroots" organization of Santa Cruz homeowners who thought the "problems" with SC were renters and the homeless.

I then heard it on LANs and BBS systems in reference to pranksters who would deliberately post things they didn't believe.

Today, however, the word is meaningless because it means "anyone anyone doesn't like". That phrase grammatical but it means that the word has no fixed denotation. It expresses an emotion and not a thought.

Furthermore, "troll" is based on Nordic racism since the "trolls", like the fairies and the elves, are in the strongly Nordic psychology of the typical Internet male, a subconscious reference to the peoples that were pushed west in Europe by Germanic tribes during the middle ages.

It is excessively authoritarian whereas as you seem to be aware, the problems in Wikipedia are caused by a self-appointed cult leader: authority.

Mike Godwin doesn't like the way in which my texts converge on a comparision to Hitler as if I'm gonna follow his Law. But the convergence occurs because Fascism is indeed what you get when you assemble too many American white males in one place.

In my opinion, access to the Internet could be simply controlled by means of competitive examination.

Posted by Edward G. Nilges at October 26, 2008 10:00 PM