Comments: Wikipedia the nonprofit as PR for Wikia the commercial ad-farm

If you've ever listened to BBC Radio 4's (lack of)Thought for the Day, you'll similarly notice the seguing from 'Reasonable analysis/commentary on topical issue' into 'Jesus/The Bible/Christians would blah, blah, blah...' in a dismal attempt to reframe the issue as a familiar one, being within the latter's jurisdiction and quite addressable given the 'correct' perspective.

It seems Wikia, the spawned 'religion/church', is similarly seguing a pretence of jurisdiction and ownership of Wikipedia based public works - no doubt relying upon popular recognition of the divinity that entitles them to do so.

The technique of seguing as a means of inducing possession must be taught as a reliable PR trick somewhere?

Posted by Crosbie Fitch at August 27, 2008 04:33 AM

If only the Wikipedia "community" would elect a Board member with a strong voice against Jimbo's hypocrisy and self-dealing, then the Board itself might get up the collective nerve to object to this misuse of the Wikipedia phenomenon for personal gain.

Instead, we got Ting Chen, and (I'm sure) another year of the Board fawning all over Jimbo's wonderfulness.

Posted by Gregory Kohs at August 30, 2008 12:07 AM