Comments: Google Knol Ranking - Google NOT favoring Knol (the way you think ...)

I thought the obvious bias would be most prominent - I want google backing for a project so I will slave for them in the Knol mines so they recognise me when my research fund request hits their desk. The "good" content will flow to the potential dollars.

Also the fact that google knows Knol exists amongst the 1Trillion+ pages out there that google sees has to be a bonus.

Posted by tqft at July 28, 2008 05:44 PM

Folks seem to be missing the fact that most of the content at Knol is not even being least, not yet.

Yeah, the front page knols show up in regular Google search results (and Yahoo search results). And somehow, Danny Sullivan's knol got picked up like greased lightning.

But the bulk of the content is invisible. Pick a knol at random (but not off the front page!) and conduct a search for it. Odds are, it won't show up.

I have four knols at this point, all several days old, under my name David Sarokin. If you search for [ sarokin ] at, then you'll find my knols. But if you search [ knol sarokin ] as a regular Google search, not a knol in site!

Ditto for most other content at Knol.

Posted by David at July 28, 2008 11:25 PM