Comments: My _Guardian_ Column on Government Of Australia National Censorware Plan

Politicians are stupid. But they're great at ass-covering once they've urinated out their patch of ground.

Censorware is great smelly example: our Aussie politicans are "seen to be doing" (but never *doing*) something useful. In this case protecting children from some unknown orange-terror-alert Pedo/Porn/Subversive thing.

Hell - children shouldn't have PCs in their bedrooms anywayz and filtering software might help for the under 12's... but underestimating teenagers is unwise.

The *problem* is when censorship affects adults. This censorware might distract the pollies long enough for us to read the non-Murdocracized truth for another 5 years.

Posted by PeterB at September 16, 2007 09:04 AM