Comments: Nigerian One-Laptop-Per-Child Porn-Browsing and Censorware

Oh, go ahead -- make trouble. :) I have similar thoughts about the OLPC project.

Posted by Kevin Arthur at July 21, 2007 06:23 PM

Well, Seth, I'm glad you didn't actually say anything, oh, negative about OLPC. Don't you know that Nicholas Negroponte never makes mistakes? And, after all, being digital is the height of being...

Posted by Walt Crawford at July 21, 2007 06:55 PM

I think no matter what I think if their is a way to see porn then people will find it. Did anyone consider one people in the family might do the same.
this is just a part of the internet. filter will not make a difference. you know that even the nintendo wii can be used to look at porn. So I guess we should do the same thing right. ban the program. I don't think so. This is more of a parent problem than any other.

Posted by john blankey - Business name ideas at July 21, 2007 08:25 PM

Kevin: I said I'd get in trouble - not that I could make trouble :-(. There's a big difference between those two.

Walt: ... of being profitable.

john: It's also a PR problem.

Posted by Seth Finkelstein at July 22, 2007 04:08 AM