Comments: "We Googled You" - Harvard Business Review Interactive Case Study

I'm always bemused by other people's willingness to assert that I shouldn't care about privacy. "Get over it" is usually part of the spiel.

Saying employers should ignore indiscretions available on the web (what? a six-month statute of limitation for online gaffes, maybe?) is like saying that there is no age discrimination (which, unlike Googling potential employees, is against the law): Sounds nice in theory. Doesn't work out in fact. Probably can't work out in fact.

Posted by Walt Crawford at June 10, 2007 12:15 PM

Re. the last sentence on your post. Woo Hoo! At last! We agree on something!

Googling "Hugh MacLeod" brings up 330,000 pages, most of them seem to be directed about me, at least in the front-end pages. Most of them are pretty good-natured, though, thank the stars.

Posted by hugh macleod at June 11, 2007 01:39 PM