Comments: COPA - Closing Argument - ACLU: Censorware Works, Govt: Censorware Doesn't Work

Doesn't the struggle for censorware demonstrate an unsatisfied demand for an online creche?

Couldn't one create a certification system on a new protocol, say httpc, that guaranteed content suitable for minors?

The necessary digital certificates could be obtained by anyone given either reputation, liquidity or money, and there would be penalties for violating decency/safety standards.

Then, if the censors were right, nearly everyone and their dog would publish content on their httpc servers to address the burgeoning youth/purity market.

Moreover, one would also require httpc browsers to require the use of a registered IP address (even if dynamically allocated from such an ISP's pool). And this would require the registrant to voluntarily submit to penalties if they violated the standards by submitting obnoxious content (even if by a visitor who snuck into to the playroom to upload a photo of their ankle instead of a teddy bear).

This way minors would only be permitted supervised httpc access in public libraries. And adults would only be permitted free http access (httpc content would simply be mirrored on http servers with read-only behaviour). Adults could of course provide identity credentials in order to accompany their children in the httpc creche - and demonstrate liability should they misbehave.

This way adults are free to submit themselves to the corruption and depravity inherent in uncensored intercourse, while kids remain 'protected'. Moreover, 'responsible' parents can deny them access to anything except httpc.

Posted by Crosbie Fitch at November 21, 2006 07:13 AM