Comments: Wikipedia, De-skilling, and The Wisdom Of Darts

As yet there are no DartBoard 2.0 salespeople. If nothing else, you could put together a quick CafePress shop... (and I love the Google ads showing up here).

Posted by walt at May 25, 2006 12:12 PM

you know, that de-skilling bit really cuts close to the bone with me. i've watched for years as the masters of this corporation i work for have tried the same trick on a phalanx of embedded systems developers. then the masters sit there clueless wondering why their brilliant bit of managerial wonderment produced such poor quality crap and had such a horrid record of on-time delivery. never did they realize that as they drove the skill out they didn't come up with ways to make things easier, more repeatable, more modular, etc.

frankly, the whole notion of deskilling gets used all over our economy and at some point you have to wonder if there will be anyone left who knows jack squat about anything...

maybe i should go manufacture a business ph.d. and make a living talking up the concept of "rightskilling" -- matching the job and the person with skills correctly!! wow!! visions of consulting fees dance through my head... sigh... but alas, the captains of industry have all been deskilled themselves...

Posted by dennis parrott at May 25, 2006 08:15 PM