IT: "Jew Watch", Google, and Search Engine Optimization

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Thu Apr 22 06:46:46 CDT 2004

[The "Jew Watch" hate-site has been in the news for the past few
weeks, as having been the number-one site in a Google search for "Jew".
I suspect there will be a second round of stories in the near future.
The site lost its hosting last week for a while, and had dropped in
ranking. But as I write this, it's back both at a new host, and at the
number-one search spot again.]

This resurgence in ranking is completely predictable by the way, as a
a delayed effect from all the links it received from the recent
controversy. It takes a while for such effects to be felt, due to
delays in processing new information into Google's ranking algorithm.]

New report from Seth Finkelstein:

"Jew Watch", Google, and Search Engine Optimization

Abstract: This report examines issues surrounding the high ranking of
an anti-semitic website, "" for searches on the word
"Jew". The search results present complex issues of unintended
consequences and social dilemmas.

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