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Seth Finkelstein
Mon, 4 Mar 2002 12:23:56 -0500

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Dear subscriber:

	I haven't sent out anything to this list in recent months,
due to a combination of administration problems, and a sense that there
was little interest in my particular electronic civil-liberties
activism during the immediate aftermath of the events of September 11.

	I've now switched over to a new mailing-list program (GNU mailman,
all current subscriptions were transfered and should be in place), And the
upcoming challenge to a Federal law about censorware in libraries adds
some urgency to what I can write (see for
more information - the trial date is March 25 2002). So I hope to be
sending out more material in the near future, particularly investigations
I've done concerning more problems with censorware (note the list will
remain low volume, announce-only).

	List options, and of course subscribe/unsubscribe can now be
changed from a web interface at:

	And I'm using the following as an easy-to-remember list URL

	I hope you'll find future messages well worth reading.	

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