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by Seth Finkelstein

CBS Memos

04 May 197219 May 197201 August 197218 August 1973

CBS Defense

CBS News Statement (9/15/04)Document Examiner Marcel B. MatleyDocument Examiner James J. PierceIBM Technician Richard KatzTechnology Consultant Bill Glennon

Blogs Breaking Story - Saying Forged

Free RepublicPower LineINDC JournalLittle Green Footballs

Blogs Reacting - Saying Not Forged

Kos 1Hunter 2Hunter 3Hunter 4Kos 2Media Matters

Forgery Evidence

Joseph Newcomer (link may break - try searching The Bush "Guard memos" are forgeries! ) - Extremely thorough examination of typeface, kerning, and superscripts

Selectric Typewrite Museum - "For those who want my opinion...the documents appear to be done in Word" (explains why in detail)

INDC : Philip Bouffard 1 , INDC : Philip Bouffard 2 , INDC : Philip Bouffard 3 - Forensic Document Examiner examines the material for forgery

Shape Of Days : IBM Selectric Composer experiment , Shape Of Days : IBM Executive experiment , Shape Of Days : Signatures display - shows where typewriters don't match memos

Blogoram Scorecard - (expert links)

Ernest Miller : CBS Memo Defense: Richard Katz Is Wrong About Ones and Els - proportional spacing discussion

Seth Finkelstein : CBS (60 Minutes) Forged Memos Comparison Evidence - links comparing specific contemporary documents

Other Evidence

The AWOL Project - source documents

Ernest Miller's Timeline

Washington Post : In Rush to Air, CBS Quashed Memo Worries

Washington Post : The Paper Trail: A Comparison of Documents


Statements From CBS News and Dan Rather


This page is not meant to be objective or comprehensive. It is a compilation of resources intended for my use in convincing people who do not believe the memos are forged. Transparency: I'm a Kerry supporter, respect Dan Rather personally, dislike many journalistic behaviors, believe the memos are forged beyond a reasonable doubt, though the content likely is true.

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